Faith Formation for Children

As parents you are stewards of God’s most wonderful gift, the life of Christ in your children. The parish Religious Ed Faith Formation programs exist to support parents in their role of forming disciples of the Lord. It is a privilege to be a part of your family’s faith development.

Sunday Morning Programs

 Children’s Liturgy of the Word will continue on Sunday morning at both the 9 am and 11 o’clock Mass. The program is geared towards children ages 5 through 8 (Kindergarten through 3rd grade). The children of the parish are invited by Father after the Opening Prayer to follow the Prayer Leader to hear the Sunday readings in words they can understand. They return to the congregation after the Creed.  Children who have made their First Communion are encouraged to stay in Mass.

Sunday School for children ages 4 years (as of September 1, 2018) – young 5: will be offered on Sunday morning during the 9 a.m. Mass. Your child will experience the beauty of the Catholic faith and the love of God through stories, songs, videos and play activities. To provide this program, we must have parents volunteer to be catechists and aides.

Classroom size is limited in ratio to the number of adult volunteers. There is no fee for children to attend this program but they must be registered.


Parents are the remodels for their children’s faith. Simply put, parents teach most effectively by example.  As parents we are called to live our faith through our Christian attitude which includes regular Mass attendance and being good stewards of our time and the talents God has given us.

Parents with children and youth participating in our programs are challenged to live as stewards of God’s bounty.  We realize that with the demands on your time and resources that this is not an easy task.

Steps along the Stewardship journey include:

  • Striving to spend more time with God in prayer and Mass attendance
  • Seeing the parish as a place where we can serve, rather than a place meant only to serve us
  • Making a commitment to put God First on our calendar and in our budget

A great way to demonstrate your Christian attitude is to offer your time, talent and treasure with the parish community.

Volunteers are needed at every level and with every age group. Volunteer time can be anywhere from 90 minutes a week to serving once a month, or helping with special projects and workshops.

Register on line:

Stewardship Volunteer Opportunities

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  • There are many ways you can help and participate in our Faith Formation programs.

    Prayerfully consider how you might become involved in the Religious Ed/ Faith Formation community.
  • VIRTUS TRAINING – PROTECTING GOD’S CHILDREN: Any volunteer over the age of 18 who has regular contact with children/youth must attend a Protecting God’s Children Awareness session.

    This training session only needs to be taken once and is good for any area you may want to volunteer with our youth. This includes youth ministry volunteers, chaperones for retreats, small group leaders, catechists, nursery workers, coaches and much more. Sessions are offered on a regular basis at various parishes in the diocese. For more information go to or contact the Parish Office.