Welcome to the Parish Team!

This month we welcomed Deacon Michael Goodwin to our Parish family. Deacon Michael will stay with us for the next year as he prepares to enter the priesthood.
Deacon Michael was born and raised on Long Island in a loving Evangelical Christian home. He attended the Christian Cedarville University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education. He then moved to Grand Rapids to attend an evangelical seminary to become a Chaplain in the US Army Reserves. During his final phase of training, Michael was invited by a Catholic to a Mass on the base. When he returned to Grand Rapids, he decided to enter into RCIA and become Catholic. In May, Michael completed his seminary formation and earned the Master of Divinity degree. Michael enjoys meeting with friends, traveling, games, books, movies and sports. His favorite sport is Ultimate Frisbee. He is currently reading “Love Your Enemies” by Arthur Brooks. His favorite place he visited was the Holy Land for a semester during seminary.

Michael is passionate about helping people deepen their relationship with God and growing in the practice of our Catholic faith. If you want to be closer to God or feel your faith needs to go deeper, please set up a time to meet with Deacon Michael by contacting him through the Parish Office. Or email him directly.